A gift broken. A gift fixed. A gift thrifted.

A gift broken:

Me! Me! Me!

I am broken! My mortal life is just that….mortal. I am a lost, broken soul but I have a Savior! Now that is a joy gift!!!!!

A gift fixed:

This week my thirteen-year old-daughter had a little tiff with her best twin buddies. Pumpkin came into my classroom after school looking distraught and told me a wee bit about it. My heart hurt but I had to remember that is part of the joys of a 13-year-old girl!

I went about my busyness in the classroom and then walked down the hall. When I returned I spotted one of the twins walking into my classroom and introducing herself  to my daughter. They started over. They moved on.  Precious.  Clever.  Fixed.

A gift thrifted:

Our teeny weeny income.  We are definitely in a better place financially now that I have an income on top off my husband’s support.  I am daily reflective and thankful for that hard place we were in when I was a stay-at-home mom. Yes, I can and do spend money more freely but that thriftiness is always lingering in my mind.  The husband is extremely budget-oriented because of our rough days and he is still extremely diligent in keeping us out the red.


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