Three gifts of laughter heard today:

7:00am  Little Miss crawled into bed with us to steal a few snuggles before we all started our Sunday.  She woke up alive and kicking today, as normal, and was also chatty Cathy!  Boy!  She had quite the tale to tell before the sun came up!  As she weaseled her growing body  between us I asked the husband where our little girl had wandered off to.  She responded!  “Well, she ran away and was adopted by Hibachi owners.  Next thing I knew her story had her in a sewerage somewhere in Japan.  We were laughing hysterically!

What JOY she brings into our lives, even at 7am on a weekend.  She is full spunk AND tall tales.

9:00am  The Lad chuckled for quite some time after pulling a little prank on yours truly.  He has always had the cutest laugh, even as a 14 year old.  Love that boy!!!

6:30pm We host 7th graders here for Community Group every Sunday night.  Millions of giggles emerge from the living room!    I LOVE the girlies (and the one faithful boy) laughing over silly silly silly things.  Laughter of friendship is a gift!

This is a snap of just a few of the young teens…



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