3 Hard Eucharisteos

Eucharisteo means to give thanks.  To be grateful.

Do I truly give thanks in the moments that don’t exactly feel like gifts?

There have definitely been moments in my life when giving thanks was not in the cards.

1.  Newly married and being told having babies would be difficult if not impossible.  We were not even Mr. and Mrs. for more than 9 months at that point so the news was heartbreaking but not devastating.  We were young and had many years ahead of us to try.  We soon discovered that Wee Knight #1 was already in the womb at that time!

2.  Living in a 12×12 basement room with the husband and a 14-month-old with no home to call our own.  No steady job and living 1,440 miles from our dear family members.  I was having doubts of why were living in the nation’s capital when the husband was not using his master’s degree and questioning where on earth we would place our new babe arriving any day.

Two babes.  1 room.  No job.  No family.

3.  Election Day 2008

“Dear, I have something to tell you.  I lost my job.”  7 1/2 years of serving in a position that the husband loved were coming to an end.  In the months that followed we would consider multiple different job opportunities in a variety of places (even making a trek to North Carolina together for a job interview)  but in the end God placed us in a position much closer to home than we ever anticipated (even if it is on the other side of the world several weeks out of the year).  During this time we both read The Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson, the title of which refers to trusting God and following His leading.  The Chase has not led us where we expected but has blessed us in so many ways.  When we put ourselves in His hands, He faithfully brought us to a place where His wonderful, bountiful, sometimes painful, always challenging, and never dull purpose for our lives calls forth our best eucharisteo.



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