3 Gifts Behind a Door

I prefer an open door…


but there are indeed times requiring a closed door….


1.  Intimacy with my beloved.

2.  Quiet time.  Alone. I was telling Pumpkin (my 13 year old) just yesterday that I am shocked how often she likes her door closed.  I grew up hating a shut door.  I never wanted to be on either side.  I still prefer open doors but there are times now as a mother when a closed door gives signals to the kiddos:  Leave Momma alone!  Good thing they can read those signals now! I have learned that going to my room and closing the door does this momma and her family some good.

3.  When we had a house full of babes, a closed door meant a sleeping babe.  My dear friend, Tanja, and I would put the babes down at 1pm SHARP and call each other to fill each other in on the day’s events.  After a few minutes of girl chatting one us would say ” Okay!  It is GOLDEN TIME.”  We would then bid each other goodbye and head to spend our 2 1/2 hours as we pleased.  Loved that GOLDEN TIME!  Of course I loved opening those closed doors and peeking in on my little gifts.


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