Ways I feel the love of GOD

God is love!

I believe that.  I thrive off of it.

If God is love then every bit of love in my life, either me giving or receiving it, must come from HIM.  HE is love.

I feel the love of God by simply loving and being loved.

To me, grace is an act of love.

Oh, the many grace’s in my life!  The unmerited favor.  The undeserved gifts.

I feel the love of God every morning.  I even feel it when the alarm continues to beep annoyingly at 5:15am.   HIS mercies are new every morning!  I feel loved knowing that!  How incredible that God’s grace did not just stop on the cross.  Never ending! Grasp that, dear friends.  NEVER ENDING!

I feel the love of God as I take in a breath of fresh air, when I steal a glimpse of the blue sky, feel the wind blowing the leaves on the trees, and see the green poking around in early spring.

Amazing Grace.  Amazing Love. Amazing Savior.


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