Plan B

Plan B’s are obviously not our first choice but often times turn out to be THE BEST PLAN.

A few plan B’s in our lives that have actually been gifts…

After a rough experience teaching up in Maryland, I decided I would NEVER EVER teach in a public school again.  I was wrong.  My public school job is AMAZING and I so love being a teacher again.

I also promised myself that I would NEVER EVER be a working mom.  A stay at home mom was (and is) my desire.  Now I teach full time.  True, I struggle to find many gifts in this.  It is HARD.  The original gift was my children attending a school due to my teaching job.  Now we live in that school district so they can attend regardless if I work or not.  Many other good things come from me teaching in their small school district.  I am involved and have a pretty good feel for what is going on and know most of the kids my children hang with.

My husband had a full ride scholarship for his undergrad studies at Baylor and all the way through graduate school at The George Washington University in D.C.  He was on his way to be a Diplomat or even an Ambassador and we would live the good life in the field of International Affairs.  Plan B is certainly in the field of International Affairs but we fail to entertain diplomats from various lands.  The new plan has us loving on innocent children who have no material things to offer us.  I will take their LOVE and GRATEFULNESS over social status and a glorious resume any day.



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