A gift at breakfast time:  The Lad treated his sister (and himself) to donuts.  Donut runs might not be the healthiest of choices but it sure gets those kiddos up and going.  Too bad Pumpkin was at school running a mile while we indulged in donut goodiness.

A gift at lunch time:  An extra early lunch.  I ate during my conference time.  I was a hungry gal.

A gift at Supper time:  After a rough afternoon/early evening, I was struggling to find grace in the moment.  I was fearful of the children’s attitude during supper because the attitudes leading up to supper were not too cheerful.  I took a few deep breaths and prayed for patience and peace among my children.  Supper had to be quick as we were on a schedule to get to youth group, basketball, and my Bible Study (One Thousand Gifts).  The grumpiness disappeared and we had a pleasant conversation about three gifts discovered today.

I must confess that this afternoon/evening was extremely difficult.  It was a cold, wet day and I was tired and desiring to be alone.  We had schedules to keep and places to be.  I was rushing to prepare supper and encourage homework to be completed.  Being in a hurry and absent-mindedness led to   broken glass.  Fingers pointed in blame. Unkind words. Not my finest moments.   Hurrying stole away more time.  I was struggling to slow down and embrace the moments handed to me.

Entering into a place of eucharisteo with my fellow “joy darers” offered me another plate of grace. A heaping spoonful of grace.



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