3 Gifts that Changed Today

Pumpkin asked to go to FCA camp when the information first came home a few weeks ago but we just could not find it in our budget to send her.  Last night we were informed that an opening was available FOR FREE!!!  Her plans changed this weekend and she was thrilled!!!!

A quick trip home in the middle of the work day to get Pumpkin ready to go to FCA camp was definitely not in the plan for the day.  My mom texted me willing to help so when I got home during one of my breaks, she was already folding my laundry and asking, “what can I do to help?”  What a gift to have my mom show up and assist me in this thing call motherhood!

Little Miss had ten bucks burning a hole in her pocket early this morning.  After very little persuasion, the two of us were on our way to enjoying a Friday morning Starbucks treat.  Fancy coffee tastes even better when it is free!


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