Worn Out, Brand New, and Made-Do

My legs are WORN OUT!  Unfortunately they have been worn out for quite some time.  The wear and tear started when I ran many miles in high school as I competed in long distance track and cross country.  My first pregnancy definitely tore my legs apart.  The swollen veins still remain.  Teaching younger children full time most certainly leaves its mark on my changing (getting fatter) legs.  All three of these contributors are factors I would never trade.  I loved running.  I loved being pregnant (and the offspring I enjoy daily).  I love teaching the little ones.  I am thankful that even though they are not so pretty to look at, my legs are withstanding the wear and tear of this life given to me.

Gift made new:  Newness in Christ!  Mortal little me constantly tries to embrace this fact.  I battle the flesh but the new me, me in Christ, is there.

Gift made-do:  The husband and I lived in a handful of wee little places up in Washington DC area that did not fit us quite right.  I was young, in love, and so happy to be a new mom.  I was home with my babies full time and I made those small and not-so-pretty houses a home.  Living in DC in general was not turning out as we had hoped and life was difficult but we made do. We loved, we grew, and we made tons of memories in our made-do location.


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