3 Gifts Seen as a Reflection

Today is my Daddy’s birthday so I have to tie my love and admiration of him into my joy dare post.  I see a glimpse or two of my daddy when I look into my adult life.  I crave his wisdom.  I adore how he loves his grandchildren.  ALL 8!!!


Our twins!  My precious nephews together equal Double Trouble!!! When one comes up to me I always say , “Hey!  I think you look familiar!  Do I know you?”  They always chuckle and lead me to their look alike.



Totally off from the “family” theme…..

The third gift seen as a reflection is so simple yet brings me great pleasure to view!  I so enjoy the sun reflecting light on a body of water.  I even get a kick out of a reflection on a small puddle in the road.  Doesn’t take much…..:)






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