Trusting the Future

3 Gifts from the Past That Help me Trust the Future

1.  Living a very frugal life when I had the honor and privilege of being a stay at home mom. 

2.  The husband not having direction in his career in our early years of marriage!  It was a long wait.  The wait molded my man, strengthened him and forced his faith to deepen.  10 years later when his job disappeared, it wasn’t quite so painful.  The wait was hard and there were moments when we were not quite sure how we were going to live.  We had visited that place once before.  The Lord had provided.  True, not exactly the way I would have dictated but HE provided.  I knew it.  I trusted He would do it again.

3.  My Children!  “Getting pregnant will not be easy for you, Mrs. Knight.”  The gift AND the funny thing in that statement was that I had a child growing inside of me at that very moment Dr. Belizan spoke those words.  Less than a year later I had yet another child growing inside me.  GIFTS!  When we discovered we were expecting Wee Knight #3, I was not immediately excited.  Shocked.  I was overwhelmed with two wee ones already.  A third?  It did not take long for the excitement to arrive.  The ease of getting pregnant was a gift AND a reminder that HE knew the plans for my family, plans for that sweet wee one inside me.


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