Monthly Archives: February 2013

3 Gifts found on paper

Our family memories lovingly placed on the pages of 21 albums.  A legacy.  Memories.  A gift for me but in reality a gift to my children and their children. Homework.  By no means am I advocating homework in this house.  I HATE it!  It stresses me out.  But that is not what this photo is […]

Gifts found in serving/giving

Serving is the ultimate act of love.  Our Lord Jesus was the greatest example of being a servant.  And HE is love.  Serving is loving others and that, my friends, is a huge joy in my life. Giving is sacrificing something you have to give to another.  This is not always natural for me but […]

Gifts found in shadow

Well, these are more like my “shadowy gifts.” My precious babies!  Precious memories!  These shadows hang above my large tub in the master bathroom.  What a great view!

On number 135, 136, and 137

WOW!  This is the 46th day of jotting down my gifts.  This journey is a gift and I am so blessed to have the stamina to come this far. A gift in losing:  The husband’s job lost four years ago turned into be the beginning of our mission in Africa.  One loss has been the […]

Ways I feel the love of GOD

God is love! I believe that.  I thrive off of it. If God is love then every bit of love in my life, either me giving or receiving it, must come from HIM.  HE is love. I feel the love of God by simply loving and being loved. To me, grace is an act of […]

3 Gifts Behind a Door

I prefer an open door… but there are indeed times requiring a closed door…. 1.  Intimacy with my beloved. 2.  Quiet time.  Alone. I was telling Pumpkin (my 13 year old) just yesterday that I am shocked how often she likes her door closed.  I grew up hating a shut door.  I never wanted to […]

3 Hard Eucharisteos

Eucharisteo means to give thanks.  To be grateful. Do I truly give thanks in the moments that don’t exactly feel like gifts? There have definitely been moments in my life when giving thanks was not in the cards. 1.  Newly married and being told having babies would be difficult if not impossible.  We were not […]

3 Gifts in Working

1.  Discipline 2.  Perseverance 3.  Organization Let me explain a wee bit. I am NOT a disciplined person.  I thrive off of order but crave spontaneity.  This contrast creates quite a bit of conflict inside and certainly for those around me.  I easily stress over my “HAVE TOS” and dread a schedule.  When I am […]


Three gifts of laughter heard today: 7:00am  Little Miss crawled into bed with us to steal a few snuggles before we all started our Sunday.  She woke up alive and kicking today, as normal, and was also chatty Cathy!  Boy!  She had quite the tale to tell before the sun came up!  As she weaseled […]

Three Unexpected Graces

1.  Unexpected grace was time alone with the husband early this morning. We were awake at 6am and took advantage of the wee bit of time to chat sans children floating around the house.  I have been quite the stinker the past two weeks and he has loved me with a gentle and forgiving love.  […]