Monthly Archives: March 2013

Held, Heard, Hoped For

Held Holding our very first born child!!!  Nothing like it.  Nothing like holding the second and third!!! Heard The water in the brook moving over the smoothed rocks.  Before we started spending our entire summers in Africa, we had the delight of vacationing in the Rocky Mountains with the husband’s family.  So many lovely things […]

Gifts Uncovered

Spring! The earth is gradually uncovering sweet signs of spring. The beauty of little sprigs of green! Pink petals adoring a colorful flower pot. Yellow.  All the colors of spring flowers peeking out of winter’s dead and bringing bits of new life.

Gifts of His Promises

1.  HE keeps them! 2.  LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. 3.  A Savior!

A Day Late

I apparently skipped over the Joy Dare yesterday.  I have several excuses lined up to throw out.  I will skip that too. Yesterday… Gifts entwined. I have nothing. Maybe that is why I skipped it yesterday. As always, the gifts bestowed upon me were constant yesterday.  The Lord has done great things for me.  I […]

Gifts Redeemed

I have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!!! Gift Cards! Oh how I love gift cards.  A big portion of our gift cards come from my students.  An added perk to the teaching profession! Once upon a time (b.w. -before working) I would pass out coupons for preparing meals, keeping children, etc.  I […]

3 Gifts Almost Gone

Our elementary school experience!!!  Our school is an AMAZING place.  A sweet, safe, and happy place.  It is an honor to work at our school AND be able to watch my children go though the hallways and be loved by the staff. Our youngest child will leave the warm embrace of the elementary world and […]

Sung. Written. Painted.

Sung Both of our daughters sing often.  The little one sings ALL THE TIME!  This afternoon she was trying to communicate with me and she did it completely in SONG.  5 minutes of singing.  Each phrase unique and personal.  Opera style. Written Writing my gifts is a gift! Painted Little Miss was rummaging around in […]

Gifts Spoken

1.  Hearing my brother bring the message at church is quite the treat.  It also makes me a bit nervous, never knowing what just might pop out of his mouth! I consider it a fun blessing to have my brother also be one of our pastors.  Today he shared a story about one of his […]

Gifts Found in Women Today

1.  My mother’s willingness to always spend time with my children. 2.  Friendship.  A simple text from a dear friend makes me smile.  It also draws out a longing to grab coffee with a friend or two. 3.  This morning the husband and I were finally able to return to our Saturday morning breakfast date.  […]

Gifts Found in His Word

1.  Promises.  Sweet, sweet promises! 2.  History lessons!  🙂 3. TRUTH! Simple and sweet AND a day late!  Oops!