3 Gifts at 3pm

Today is Friday!  3pm on a Friday indicates that only 15 minutes stand between a crazy work week and two days OFF!  This particular week has been insane with full schedules EVERY evening.  Not a lot of family time so 3pm held hopes of two days of family time and a chance to take a breath.

To be honest, I struggle to see many gifts at 3pm on the weekday.  The school day is nearing the end and I am tired and feel overwhelmed by the long list of “to dos.”  Although being done for the day (teaching the children) is a pleasant feeling, 3pm marks the time my role begins to shift from teacher to mom.  Well, I still have teacher duties so when my own children come bouncing in full of their own agendas and issues, I often lose sight of the gift of motherhood.  Transitioning is hard for me.  Today I decided not to stay late like I typically do on Fridays and take the kiddos to get an ice cream cone. DELIGHT!  My suggestion was totally random and they LOVED the idea.

3pm today I was singing “The Goodbye Song” with 17 of the cutest preschoolers.  I love their voices. Sweetness.  I am thankful for the parents who entrust their children to me every day.



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