Gifts Worn

1.  The wedding band circling my left hand ring finger is a constant reminder of one of my best decisions.  It represents not only my commitment to my beloved but also the joy my marriage brings.  Grace!   What grace abounded when the Mr. took me as his!!! Actually, grace continues to abound day in and day out!

2.  Contacts give me freedom to throw my glasses aside as I please.

3.  My friend and I explored the Goodwill store a few weeks ago and I came home with two skirts each priced at $2.99.  I wore the black and white one the following Monday and received an abundance of compliments.  I love that skirt because it is cute but I especially love the fact that it was less than 3 bucks!   Dressing thrifty is fun.  I also enjoy having a thrifty friend!


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