Gifts found

I found my Knight in Shining Armor in September of 1992.  I was blinded that one day he would truly be my KNIGHT.   Oh, so blinded!  I discovered 3 1/2 years later that I had truly found my soul mate, my lover, and my best friend.  The joy he brings into my life is absolutely impossible to communicate.  He is my Godly counsel, my confident, my rock, my biggest fan.  I still have tingling feelings when I glance at him, eye-to-eye.  He smiles and I smile in response.  I know and he knows.

Much to my delight when I “found” my KNIGHT, I also found a new family.  NEVER would I desire to replace my amazing birth family. I added to what I had.  I respect the “in-laws” (I don’t like that name) greatly for the way they raised their son (and daughter).   The husband’s parents love me and would do ANYTHING for me and our sweet family.  I am constantly reminded of their unconditional love for me.  I can be a brat and recently I have shown my ugly face more and more.  They look away.  They still love me.  Oh!  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sweet Gran (the name my children so lovingly call her) today!!!!!!!  You are full of grace, compassion, and love.  Thank you for “finding” me and giving your son over to me.  I have had BIG shoes to fill!

I have found great pleasure in writing.  Today I LONGED for it.  I am currently on my lunch break and am choosing to refuse work and take a little personal time to write.  Today I am OVERWHELMED at the goodness in my life, even the hard and ugly things that truly are good.  Writing my one thousand gifts this year has torn open my heart and exposed my true blood:  ugly, chaotic, inconsistent,  passionate, eclectic!   Oh sweet Lord please create in me a new heart and create in me a new spirit!


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