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My classroom full of rambunctious preschoolers is rather loud.  I am not a huge fan of loud.  I AM loud but when I want it quiet, I want it quiet.

Funny that I am a preschool teacher.  When I am instructing, I want peace.  When it is center time, bring on the chaos.  I actual enjoy the chatter, the squeals (most days), and the constant singing of some.

When I am alone in the car, I indulge in turning the volume up as loud as I please.  Tunes are my choice and I gloat in the privilege of being in control.  I prefer it loud.  Mama jamming in a minivan…a lovely sight.

Car ride.  We have spent 10 plus hours in the van together as a family today.  Loud.  Enough said.  Ten more hours tomorrow. I think I handle the 23 hour plane ride to Africa better than I do car rides.  Actually so far so good.  in some ways my nerves are shot. Any other  ways I find it cozy and comforting.


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