Gifts (unprompted)

We have spent the last two days traveling.  Midnight is quickly approaching and my brain is fried.

So…..I will skip the prompts today and share a few things that blessed me today!

1.  The beauty of the rolling mountains in Tennessee and Virginia.

2.  Cuddling in the backseat with my kiddos as we watch a movie as we finished the final leg of our 20 hour car trip.

3.  So many gifts popped up in the memories that flooded my mind and heart as we drove the exact route we took as newlyweds 17 years earlier.  I was 7 days Mrs. Knight crammed in my little Honda Civic with Mr. Knight driving east to start our new lives together in Washington D.C.  So many hopes and dreams stirred within me.  17 years later things don’t look quite like I had envisioned but they are good.  Oh, so good!  The BIGGEST gift in all of it was the fact that I am still looking over at the SAME man and giving him the SAME look.  My love for him is not the same.  It is deeper, stronger, endearing.  The road we have taken in our marriage has been a gift in itself.  I spent the majority of the road trip today thanking the Lord for our time in the DC area.  We started our life together in a completely new environment.  We were forced to create all things new.  All things us!

I love US.



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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted March 10, 2013 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

    I am so happy to read that! 🙂

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