Blast from the past

Apparently I am on spring break and away from home because I am playing catch up on my blog.  I found a memory card in my husband’s laptop tonight.  Look what fun goodyness that appeared on my screen….

OUR SIMON (Zambian Baylor Bear)                         OUR TEMBA

IMG_0313 IMG_0523

I am tickled that my heart did about 100 flip flops when I saw these!  I have a confession….after returning from 9 weeks in Africa every summer, I jump right back into our American life and try not to look back.  It is a coping mechanism.  I am not proud of it.

I have discovered that I struggle with getting excited about going back to Zambia.  It is NOT Zambia, but the transition from one life to the other.



I lie to myself.  My heart is there.


My family loves serving AND loving the adorable orphans of Zambia, Africa.



To be honest, I do think of the 25 plus homes that look like this one, full of 12 children each.  I think about the house moms who love them, the three FULL meals they eat every day, and the education they are receiving.


I think about the smile on my son’s face when he nears the orphans.




I love how my children love the Zambian children.




So…..I am ready!



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