I discovered these “unpublished” photos on my camera…

and I just could not resist!

So, let us take yet another break from the JOY DARE!



Her very first non Daddy/Daughter Dance.  My heart hurt.  My heart was happy.  My heart was thankful!



Our Pumpkin is truly beautiful on the inside too.  Our prayer is that she will continue to grow in wisdom, and in stature (doing that way too fast), and in favor with God and man.



I was so proud of our girl.  She borrowed a darling dress from an older friend so she budgeted her money her dad had allotted for the dance and was able to get her hair AND nails done.  She was tickled!

I think a certain young man was too…..


I must confess that Pumpkin asking if she could “go out” with a guy threw both the husband and me off of our rockers!  Really!?!?!?!?  We were certainly not ready for this so we had yet to discus how we truly felt and all the rules.  Well, we were forced to make a decision.  Let me tell you again, that this young lady impressed us even more.  My precious man took her out and discussed what “boyfriend” meant.  They were on the same page.  As long as he made it clear that there will be  no true dating until she is 30…..


BUT my oh my!  How did she grow up in ONE day!?!?!?!?  Saturday was a very emotional day for me.  I will skip the details but I think it had something to do with the woes AND joys of parenting.  A lot of decisions have been made lately about the early teenage years.  I remember calling out to the Lord in the middle of the night holding a screaming child, feeling completely helpless.  That feeling was nothing compared to the feelings that accompany letting your babes grow up and training them in the process.

Another thing that I was not prepared for!?!?!?  How much the girlies at our school invest in this 7th/8th grade dance.  The parents were quite involved!  You should have seen some of the big deals parents made.  One gal’s folks rented a limo and refused any help funding it.  SOOOOO generous. Prom is beginning to already scare me.  I went back and forth about giving in to all of this glamor and hoopla but ultimately I (along with the husband) agreed that one time a year was very doable and we wanted her to make memories.  Our fear was for her NOT to set the standard too high for events to come!!!!!!!!



IMG_6620 IMG_6622 IMG_6627









Pumpkin has some AMAZING friends!!!  Her amazing friends have amazing parents.  I am thankful I am friends with most of them!

And that little man?

Well, I must admit that he is the sweetest and most thoughtful young man I have ever met!!!  He is my Andrew!  I told Pumpkin last week that I was not so sure what I thought about her having a “friend” in 7th grade but after her daddy and I talked and pondered it all, we decided that this young man is setting the standard HIGH!!!!  I have warned her that there is NOTHING lower.  She is to be respected, honored, and cherished. I want her to only spend time with guys who will do that.  AND guys who love the Lord.  This guy does and I KNOW it.

The good thing?

According to pumpkin, dating in 7th grade really does not mean too much.  “Momma, we just text, talk a bit more, and sit by each other at lunch.”  She has not “dumped” her sweet gal friends and seems to have a decent balance.  We shall see….


But….in all honesty this beautiful young lady brings me so much JOY!


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