Wind! Water! White!


I am not a big fan of the wind blowing in my face.  I do, however, like to see the branches on trees sway and leaves blow around like a tornado.  One of my students walks up on a windy day and giggles saying, “It is a tomato!  Look at the tomato!!!”  Maybe I do like the wind!  I oh-so-love the sound of the flags, adorning our school’s front lawn, slapping against the flagpole. I even like the clanking sound.  A few weeks ago I grabbed a little hand and led her out of the car.  I said my usual “Good morning peanut!”  and she stops in mid-step and asks,  “What is that sound?”  “The wind, sweet one. Well, not the wind.  You can’t see the wind.  You only see the things affected by it, moved by it.  Do you see the flags moving?”   She looked up at our great nation’s flag flying above the state of Texas flag and said, “Oh, the metal on the flag is hitting the pole!  That is cool.”  I bid her farewell and walked to another car.

I had just given myself a sermon right there in the middle of the carpool lane!!!  Am I amazed at the clanking, yet the small things making loud noises, or the constant movement of God’s love, His amazing grace?!?!  Do I question, “What is it?”  Do I seek to discover it and am I in awe at the largeness in the small clanking things?  Oh I want to be!


I have said this before and I will continue to say it over and over!  I KNOW what a true blessing, a gift, a privilege it is to be one of the richest people in the world and have water!!!  It is a necessity, yet so many people around the world lack it and suffer due to the shortage of clean, fresh water.  I have clean water at my fingertips at all times.  I can even walk by a water fountain and steal a sip (although maybe not the best option but not one that might cause me great harm).  Spending our summers in Africa has greatly increased my awareness of the necessity of clean water and created in me a true appreciation for it.


Snow, glorious snow!!!   What pleasure I find in the moon reflecting off of the snow covered ground.   I absolutely love the stuff.  True, I am a Texan and have not lived in a winter wonderland so my perspective is quite skewed.  I did escape the south for 5 years when we lived in Washington, DC.  Unfortunately the snowfall was was not what I had anticipated but there were a few times when we were covered in white.  I am glad that I live in a place where it still happens every once in a while.  It makes it even more special!


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