Gifts found in quiet

I have only recently viewed quiet as a good thing so labeling a gift was not in the cards.

Oh, how lovely it is to me at times!!!  Quiet typically accompanies STILLNESS in my life.

1.  A cup of coffee and silence!  Being still!!!!!

2.  The warm cozy couch with a cup of coffee and silence!  Cozy!  Me time!!!

3.  A book, writing, the warm cozy couch with a cup of coffee and silence! Inspiration!


In silence I often hear, “Be still.”

Not easy for this one so I hear it again.

“Be still.”

When I do stop and am quiet and still I tend to listen to my Lord.  Really listen.  Ponder.  Start a gratitude list.  It has always been as thus but I never named it as giving thanks,  Eucharisteo.  In my own hyperactive way I am able to pause.  It is rare and cherished time.


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