3 gifts given away

1.  a round golden ring to the love of my life

2.  I have always enjoyed and am SOOOO blessed by giving my time.  When we were younger up in DC, I was a full time mommy to two wee ones.  All I had to offer people was my time (babysitting, cooking meals, working with the youth, serving in the church like crazy, etc, etc).  The thrill I experience now when I do have the time to offer others is a blessing.  It is so rare these days and I miss it.

3.  I gave away myself, my desire to stay at home to the man I love.  I work so he can fulfill his calling into the ministry.  It is WHY I work so I can support him and love him.  I so love him.  Laying aside our own desires is what love is.  I would so prefer not to work and it continues to be an ugly and ongoing battle for me to accept it with no complaints.  One day, oh I pray one day it will be something I COMPLETELY give my husband.  No complaints, no “what ifs,” and a happy woman when I come home at night.


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