turned, folded, hung

A gift turned

I turned pages of of a book last week quickly.  Have I mentioned I had a week off from work!?!?!?!  I enjoy reading but hesitate to pick up books for fear of becoming engrossed and ignoring my duties.  What joy it was for me to read an entire book in one day!  🙂

A gift folded

Many years ago when I was in the midst of toddlerville, a mother of older children advised me to pray while I folded laundry.  She said that for every piece of clothing she folded, she would pray for that child individually.  I thought, “How nice for you! I have a lot more chaos than you and am lucky that my hands even function to fold late at night when the clothes must be removed from the bed.”

Obviously I did not immediately take it to heart and/or put it into practice. 13 years later, I catch myself remembering those words and whispering a quick prayer.  When I fold the clothes (that seem to be expanding in size by the day thanks to the fast-paced growing around here), I am thrilled when I do indeed look at each piece and am reminded of each individual, who they are, and who they are becoming. Serving these people at Knightly Manor is a privilege and I long to view it as thus, not as a burden.

A gift hung

Today I did loads and loads of vacation laundry.  I unloaded the washing machine and placed many of the kids’ shirts on hangers to dry.  I pressed my nose against the fabrics hanging in a row and smiled as I took in the fresh laundry scent.  I chuckled, realizing that it was St. Patrick’s Day and I had just hung 5 green shirts all in a row.


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