Today’s prompt is gifts of red.

I have greatly struggled with identifying red gifts other than what I listed last time we visited the red theme.

I am veering off the prompt route once again….

Gifts today:

1.  Finishing up the first day back after break!!! There were so many strikes against the whole family that left us feeling sunken.  I am VERY VERY thankful that I was able to hold it together.  Of course I was not a shining star but I was able to move pass the chaos and laugh about the long list of mishaps.

2.  HOME!  It is nearing 11pm and I am just getting home and settled in for the (short) night.  While an overwhelming feeling of tiredness overcomes  me, happiness showers me when I walk through my home and hear and see my sweet ones.  Love the house but especially love the people who dwell here with me.

3.  In the middle of noisy chaos today, one of my preschoolers kept yelling out, ” Mrs. Knight!  Mrs.  Knight!”  I turned around to briefly focus on her, feeling a bit annoyed by her pleas.   I coldly replied, “What?”

” Mrs. Knight, I love you.”



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