Gifts Eaten Today

Not only did my mother bless with me with keeping the kiddos for 2 1/2 hours so I could  work in my classroom , she also prepared us dinner.  What a gift!

Pumpkin was able to eat today!  She was up most of the night vomiting 8 times.  Thankfully, it was a short lived tummy bug and after only one night of sickness, she was more than ready to devour anything.

After months of poor food choices, I decided that I would start fresh this week and go back to clean eating.  My food intake was not perfect today but I am thankful that the Lord helped me say NO to many unhealthy food options and replace them with veggies and fruit.

***My thoughts just wandered back to our time in Africa.  FOOD!  Unlimited food!  I have food at my fingertips and my challenge is making the right choice.  What a wee little problem to have. Many African Mommas wake up each morning with little hope of feeding their children.  If the children do indeed get to eat, it is plain food with little or no nutrients.  What a gift to have a bountiful supply of fruits and veggies (and protein) at my fingertips!



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