Gifts Eaten

Eating is my pleasure!  I enjoy the taste of food.  I once heard that a trick to maintaining your weight is to only eat when you are hungry.  Well, I followed that rule and I only gained.  I am ALWAYS hungry.  Not a good rule to live by for this gal!

This week I have pledged to eat clean, not diet, just make better cleaner food options.  The biggest gift in eating this week for me is that I have refused a variety of unhealthy foods.

A gift salty:  I came home from a busy night HUNGRY!  I wanted to cave.  I searched for a healthy snack option and stumbled upon a frozen bag of edamame.   I sprinkled salt on the beans and enjoyed a high protein salty snack.

A gift sweet: My preschoolers made fruit rainbows today.  It was a beast preparing cut up fresh fruit for 25 children.  My reward was unlimited nibbling.  The fresh pineapple was so sweet!!!!  I enjoyed the gift of a naturally sweet treat!

A gift just right:  Well, I must confess I have yet to find that “Just Right” food today.  Well, now that I think about it, the hot peach tea after school hit the spot.


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