Gifts Spoken

1.  Hearing my brother bring the message at church is quite the treat.  It also makes me a bit nervous, never knowing what just might pop out of his mouth! I consider it a fun blessing to have my brother also be one of our pastors.  Today he shared a story about one of his children twisting the rules and being sneaky.  All I could think of “It is you!!!  That is so you!!!!”

2.  I will use this one over and over…..hearing my children say, “I love you” cannot be beat!  Little Miss has quite the habit of arriving in our bed on the weekends around 6:30am.  I am not a big fan of that habit but I sure do like her habit of crawling up next to us and whispering, “I sure do love you Daddy!”  She then rolls over to me and whispers the same sweet words.   Much better than an alarm clock!!!

3.  The husband and I had a few private moments to chat early this evening.  Nothing big and definitely not romantic but we were able to sneak in a few minutes alone to talk about my favorite subject.  Budget.

I lie.

I despise that topic.

And respect it.

The husband does an AMAZING job keeping us debt free.  He also actively engages me in decisions, even though I listen while kicking and screaming.  I really hate to let him know this, but I actually enjoy hearing him take charge of our finances.  He is so gentle yet firm while discussing and setting a budget each month.


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