3 Gifts Almost Gone

Our elementary school experience!!! 

Our school is an AMAZING place.  A sweet, safe, and happy place.  It is an honor to work at our school AND be able to watch my children go though the hallways and be loved by the staff. Our youngest child will leave the warm embrace of the elementary world and will enter the long hallways of the middle school in just a few months.  For the record…I am not a big fan of our 5th and 6th graders being at the middle school.  It works and my other two thrived in the environment.

Madagascar Vanilla Extract!


I thought the greatness of the stuff was a lie. Apparently, I lie.  I splurged and finally bought a bottle about a month ago and it is gradually disappearing.  So sad!


I know the life of the toys in this house is nearing an end.

This weekend we were blessed with time at home so the children had loads of free time!  A few times I walked into Little Miss’ room and found BOTH girls playing with a huge variety of toys TOGETHER!  There they were creating a whole world using Littlest Pet Shops, American Girl Dolls, and more!  Unfortunately, electronics tend to rule over this house.  When toys are pulled out and the kids cooperate, I am a happy momma!

The dogs have discovered the Littlest Pet Shop toys.  I have discovered quite a few little mutilated body pieces hidden around the house. Our toy supply is being diminished by the four legged friends in the house.


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