A Day Late

I apparently skipped over the Joy Dare yesterday.  I have several excuses lined up to throw out.  I will skip that too.


Gifts entwined.

I have nothing.

Maybe that is why I skipped it yesterday.

As always, the gifts bestowed upon me were constant yesterday.  The Lord has done great things for me.  I am filled to the top with JOY!

1.  A bit of unexpected time with the husband was a treat!

2.  We have been way busy every single night and our family game time has been limited, basically obsolete. The husband worked late last night but I was able to sit down at the kitchen table and play Whoonu with the girlies.  I love stopping long enough to play with them.

3.  We were off from school today so I tried to finish a good portion of my paperwork last night so our family could enjoy some family time all weekend long.  So far, so good!


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