Held, Heard, Hoped For



Holding our very first born child!!!  Nothing like it.  Nothing like holding the second and third!!!


The water in the brook moving over the smoothed rocks.  Before we started spending our entire summers in Africa, we had the delight of vacationing in the Rocky Mountains with the husband’s family.  So many lovely things about escaping to the cool mountain air in the middle of August!  The brook tops the list for me!  Always has.

Hoped For

A friend I met during my college days once told me that to hope means to expect.  I had never looked at it that way.  So when I hope, I expect!  It makes perfectly good sense that our hope is in the Lord.  We expect it.  It will be there.  I expect HIM to keep HIS promises.  I expect to have eternal life with our Lord!  That is my hope!  Oh how expectant I am!

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