I am veering off from the Joy Dare today because April 3 is the day we celebrate the life my beloved.

Gifts in the life of my husband…

1.  He shares his life with me!!!

2.  My beloved is the MOST GENUINE man you will ever meet.  I promise!  What you see is what you get.  And what you get is always happy.  Years ago a friend of ours called us and said, ” I think Andrew is in a bad mood.”  I asked how in the world he could tell.  “He is not showing as much teeth as normal,” was his response.  Ha!  True, sometimes his grin doesn’t light up his whole face.  I LOVE loving him!

3.  My man’s faith is sincere. It is also HIS life.  He loves the Lord with every part of his being.  It is evident in every move he makes.  What a joy to follow my man because he follows HIM.

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