I Feel Like Being Random Tonight

Honesty will peek out today and confess to my lack of joy.  It has been a challenge to find the joy in my everyday circumstances these days.  Maybe a constant listing of my gifts this week will get my focus off my wee little woes and veer me back to eucharisteo. 

-The early April cold snap has been a treat for us Texans.  Crawling into my bed and snuggling up under my crisp cool sheets and family quilt makes me cozy.  And happy.

-Our neighborhood is a quiet little place in a quiet little town that borders a not so quiet big city.  My gratitude for our house and this neighborhood was overwhelming as I drove down the streets this evening.  We are home.

-My mother and father live in our neighborhood.  They are always willing to jump in and help out, even when I am a grump (which I have been lately).  Today I was allowing my mother’s service to stir up guilt within me.  Making dinner, doing laundry, helping with homework, etc. is MY JOB.  The guilt that has crept into my heart the past few months is killing me!  I am not doing a good job at work OR at home! But…it is what it is and my sweet mother longs to help us out.  What a gift!!!  Now I must accept it.

-I have two amazing teaching assistants. I experience the gift of them every minute of the work day (and beyond).  They are so loyal, creative, and just flat out good at what they do with our wee ones.  They are also my friends.

-A late afternoon treat of a cafe mocha.

-Time alone to run errands for school today.

-The Pioneer Woman Cooks book that arrived on my doorstep this week.


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