Specific Times

The gift at 11am

My teaching assistant, Lynne, walked in and said, ” I am buying lunch!”  The three of us have found that bringing in lunch on Friday brightens our spirits and allows us to slow down and spend a bit of time together.  Of course we have to be in the room with noisy children during free play time but that is how it goes!

The gift at 2pm

My students attend art class on Friday afternoons from 1:40 to 2:15.  The art teacher had two fourth grade helpers with her today so she sent us on our way to do what we needed to do.  I spent the blessing of a wee bit of time trying to catch up on work.  I did work but by no means caught up.

The gift at 6pm

Shopping with Pumpkin.  Granted, it was  Wal-mart at 6pm on a Friday evening but we were alone.  Alone with the rest of the city roaming the aisles of Super Wal-mart.  I LOVE being with that 13 year old.  What a gift to witness her maturing into a beautiful young lady.  She is witty, sincere, and helpful.  So fun to be around.

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