Gifts Waited For

1.  Healing of my back.  It is slow but I see the light at the end!  Maybe.

2.  I have been in a constant state of grumpiness the past few weeks.  I confessed this tonight and the husband pointed out that it started when I injured myself.  I have had to keep going but I guess for me, I handle pain by not functioning well and just being flat out grumpy.  Waiting is not something I enjoy.  In fact, I despise it.  In my 40 plus years of life, I have done this waiting thing poorly.  Waiting actually grows me and slows me down.  Slowing down, another activity loathed. I know there are gifts in waiting.  I suppose I should just slow down and wait for it!

3.  Our community!  We have waited and waited to live, work (just me), attend school, and worship in the same town.  After years of driving in all directions for all the different activities, we are home.

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