3 Gifts Opened Up

*I opened up a conversation with a school mate via facebook this evening.  We were never close during our high school days and have led different lives.  BUT what fun it was to chat back and forth for an entire hour.  I learned so much about her that I NEVER knew back in high school.  Made me think how self-centered I was.  It brought back some old wounds and also opened up insight.  I am thankful for maturity that comes with time and corrected lenses to see others in a new light.

*The husband came home and announced, “Greer said, ‘What Cynthia wants, Cynthia gets.'”  A bit of background:  I cook for the Americans that come to Zambia to help with Camp Life, a day camp for orphans.  Greer is the founder and leader of our non-denominational ministry.  Apparently the cook is highly favored and whatever equipment I want to ship over to Africa, I have freedom to do so!!!  Tonight the husband and I made an impromptu trip to Target and bought all sorts of kitchen items.  I would put something in the cart and ask, “Really?  Do you think I should?”  The husband’s repeated response:  “What Cynthia wants, Cynthia gets.”
Boy, did he open up a can of worms!

*I opened up my contract to teach another year.  It is an honor and a compliment to get that invitation to return every year.  I must confess I hesitated to sign it with a wee bit of hope of being full time mom.  Ultimately I knew it was the right thing to do and I was thrilled to have the opportunity before me.


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