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A gift in a bag:  I remember when we were expecting our first child I spent more time looking for diaper bags than anything other item.  Weird.  It was a sign we were poor and were unable to purchase larger items.  For some strange reason I had my mind set on a Land’s End bag.  Nothing fancy, just sturdy and plain.  But then again, when it came time for me to order that item for our wee babe, I chickened out.  Even the small one, costing $25, was over our budget.

I had several showers and I did receive ONE SINGLE DIAPER bag.  Strange.

Then one day about a week before Wee Knight #1 arrived, a package appeared on our doorstep of our little apartment.  A college friend I have not seen for years had sent me a baby gift.

It was a diaper bag.

A Land’s End diaper bag.

The exact color, size, and style.

How did she know?

I will never forget how tickled I was by her act of kindness AND how perfect her selection was.

A gift in a box:  A slim, clear plastic box sits on my closet floor containing precious memories.  All three “coming home” outfits, handmade baby blankets, first Bibles, etc, etc. are tightly squeezed into that container.  I opened it up on Sunday and smiled.

A gift in a book:  Recently I have found a few books in my teacher stash that the husband gave me the first year of marriage.  He had a lovely habit of buying me books and writing sweet notes of encouragement to me.  Counting M and M’s  was given to me on my first day of teaching as Mrs. Knight.  I will never forget that day.  I was in a strange land (Maryland), nervous yet excited.  My husband was my biggest fan.

And  he still is.



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    Thanks for linking your gifts on Can I Joy Dare You?
    It is great to meet you.

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