Joy Dare Catch Up

UUUUGH!  Not sure how it happened but I allowed four days to slip through my fingertips.

3 Gifts Woven

1.  Woven baskets lined up at the market in Africa

2.  Round faces with rosy cheeks peeking out from warm wooly hats

3.  Bright colored fabrics sorted by colors at the fabric store

3 Gifts Inherited

1.  Faith in Lord Jesus

2. Strong examples of marriage

3.  Many fun items that have been in my family for over 100 years

3 Gifts Square

1.  Having two large classrooms (roughly the shape of a square) is greatness!  The children (and I) experience the many benefits of having a three year old room and a four year old room.  I have been able to set up and run two separate age-appropriate learning environments.

2.  28 12×12 scrapbooks hold 17 years of beloved memories of my life.

3.  Post it notes just popped into my brain.  Brilliant invention!  I use them regularly and find them extremely handy and helpful.

Gifts Stacked, Stashed, and Stilled

1.  There are over 25 clear shoe boxes stacked up in my cabinets at school.  They are filled with various craft supplies.  The organization thrills me!  My two amazing assistants have helped me get that up and going.

2.  The husband and I have cash stashed in our little treasure chest next to our bed.  A dollar goes in every time we are intimate.  We started this little practice 14 years into our marriage. One day we will be able to experience a little getaway to celebrate our relationship.  We might be 100 years old but we will never stop appreciating the value in loving one another.

3.  I recently injured my back but thankfully I am on the mend.  In comparison to many other injuries, my pain and limitations were minimal.  BUT it slowed me down.  It stilled my body and made me skip things I find to busy myself.  It has been a burden.  It has also been an opportunity to still me and take in things I typically miss.



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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted April 21, 2013 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

    So very glad to hear from you again!!!

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