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Veering away from the prompt again today…

1.  Calm in the midst of another jammed pack Sunday!

2.  Realization that the hard in my life does not mean it is not the right choice. And truly, the “hard” in my life are typically very Western (Americanized) problems.  I laughed at loud when I reread what I posted on facebook last week:  “Fix the AC or braces for the teenagers?”  Add to that a broken garbage disposal, discontentment with having a WONDERFUL job, a mound of laundry, having to go to the store to buy food for the WHOLE week, keeping up with three healthy and happy BUT loud and busy children.  Hmmmmm……I dare not share these “problems” with my African friends.

3.  Little Miss and I were driving home from her basketball game today at a speed of 65 mph.  A car quickly scooted out of our lane revealing a mattress in the lane.  I quickly looked to my right where I felt the urge to yield and spotted a car near and  I knew there was a car on my left.  Trapped.  I had no choice but to run over the mattress.  It took a few minutes for my brain to process what it was.  When I realized it was a mattress, I gritted my teeth and prayed that it was not a box spring.  I prayed and longed for safety.  Apparently the incident was so mild that when I explained the experience to my husband and Little Miss, Little Miss was completely shocked.  She had been oblivious in the backseat.  Thank you Lord for keeping us safe!!!


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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted April 24, 2013 at 8:39 pm | Permalink

    Thank the Lord for His watch care and protection. Love you all

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