Catching up AGAIN

It seems as if I am losing momentum in blogging my gifts.


My recent struggle to record my MANY gifts might be a hint to do something a bit different.

I think maybe I will start numbering my gifts and be a little more random, following the prompts when I need a boost or two.

#369 (roughly my number of gifts recorded thus far in 2013)

Snuggled up on my bed with the husband, Little Miss, and one dog in the middle of a Sunday afternoon.  NEVER DOES THAT HAPPEN on Sundays.  I was sweetly reminded of the need to use a bit of Sundays to relax.  Sundays are typically our fullest days.


True spring weather!


The thrill in my youngest daughter’s voice as she proudly showcased her clean room made me so happy.  I love that she initiated the major clean on her own….a sign that she is maturing.


Little Miss has amazing teachers!!!  Two sweet ladies showed love this week as they cheered her on to accomplish something my little one doubted she could do.


Our school district is an unique gem settled in Dallas County.  Today the husband and I were driving to my building so I could get a wee bit of work done.  As we drove down the street that connected all three campuses (Elementary, Middle, and High School), I mentioned how unique our district was.  “Look, ” I said, right here sits our whole district before our eyes.” We are all connected!  We are family.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE our school district.


An ugly beautiful!  I caught the gross stomach bug that has been lurking around our school and our home.  I was rather ill on Friday.  First time I have taken a sick day and remained in bed (or in this case, the bathroom) ALL DAY LONG.  I had little energy to even read so I was lying in the bed thinking about the past few weeks.  To be honest, these weeks have been unpleasant for me.  Being sick forced me to be still and dwell on the situations I handled poorly.  I have done so many things I regret lately but have not been able to stop and think through them.  My conclusion?  I am so hopelessly flawed.  I need a savior and I need HIM daily. For the first time in months, or even years, I started to have a desire to TRULY love and follow HIM again.  What beauty among the ugly stomach bug!


Watching my kids play basketball!


Shopping for a MODEST swimsuit for a thirteen year old is challenging.  After the deed was done today, I had a great chat with my gal about modesty and how I see her making very wise choices.  She told me that showing too much of your body is just DUMB!  Oh how I long for her to hang on to that thought.  The Lord has given her a lovely outer shell so I pray against temptations that will be placed before her.  She is AMAZING.


Photos!  I have plopped myself down this evening to play bloggyland catchup.  In my view are pictures:  1.  Grandmother Lamb and Pumpkin 2.  The whole Knight clan on top of the mountain in Taos, NM  3.  Pumpkin at the beach  4.  Pumpkin (3 years), My niece (4 years) and Little Miss (14 months) among the Fall leaves.


My husband’s willingness to do ANYTHING to help our home (and family) run smoothly.


Spending a big chunk of our Saturday with Gran (the husband’s mom).  I love her!!!

#380Tomorrow is a new day AND the beginning of a new week.  I am claiming the following verse as I move forward to doing the right thing…

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.  His mercies never come to an end.  They are new every morning!  Great is thy Faithfulness!”


The husband departs for Africa in less than a month (the kids and I follow two weeks later) and panic has not set in yet.  What a gift!


Taking a peek over at my husband helping our son on a computer assignment.  I am soooo in love with him!


The stomach bug has yet to attack the husband and Pumpkin.  Well, I am afraid that Pumpkin just might have a touch of it.  She has not eaten all evening and is staying close to the toilet.  😦




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    So glad to read everything! Love you

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