Not happening

I am losing momentum in many areas of my life.

This Joy Dare bloggy thingy is no exception.

Uugh!  I have a strong desire to pour out my heart.  It is not appropriate to share all so I will accept what it is and pick up eucharisteo.


A game of Combat UNO in the midst of feeling sorry for myself tonight.


Laughter!  I have started to record Duck Dynasty.  Belly laughing is greatness, especially with my son!


Dogs curled up on either side of me as I do my work.


Sweet hugs from my Pumpkin after school.  I LOVE how my thirteen year old will hang on to me and kiss my head over and over. I love it every single day but today I so longed for it.


Blue, smooth sheets.


“When will we have time to relax?” asked one of my three year old students.  Sweet, honest sayings from my little people.  Boy, does that child have a long life in front of him if he is already begging to relax!!!


My husband’s fellow coworkers at Family Legacy!  Looking forward to spending the summer with them in Zambia.


Stomach bug has made its’ way full circle in our house.  Good riddance!


The Lad’s glee when he used his new electric toothbrush. He exclaimed it was BEAST!


The promise that tomorrow is a new day!  I can start over!




Hamburgers on the patio with the family.


Walking outside on the patio and seeing my two girls crammed into one chair.  Happy!


Sitting on our bed next to my husband as I type and he does budget.  Just being in the same room makes me feel secure.


One month from today and school is finished for the year!  I am so ready for a new beginning.

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