Enjoying posting from the back patio….

#417  I work for one of the top ten rated school districts in the state of Texas!

#418  I received a Mother’s Day card from my son via mail this week. His coaches at the middle school had all the boys write a note to their moms.  I am thankful for the words from my son AND I am in awe that the coaches view the boys showing love to their moms as important.

#419  Pumpkin is on a tournament basketball team and has shown so much improvement.  I am proud of her hard work.  Some great gals……


#420  Little Miss started piano lessons in January and has excelled (yes, I am biased but I have proof it is true).  🙂  What a joy to hear her play at her very first recital!



#421  Miss Magen, the piano teacher, is AMAZING!  She has blessed our family in four short months.

#422  Enjoying a beautiful day outside.  Temperature is perfect!

#423  Because it is Mother’s Day, our regular activities have been cancelled today.  LOVING the freedom this day offers.

#424  After a period of feeling rather incapable of excelling in my job, this week has presented a few encouraging glimpses of hope.

#425  Mother’s Day Tea for my little people and their mommies!

#426  A “lost” photo from Christmas.  I love love this pic of my two precious boys!



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