Gifts found in my mother

The joy of seeing her as NANA to these 8 wild monkeys…

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I love my mother’s touch, esp the feel of her small, gentle hands.

My mother’s willingness to HELP ME IN ANY WAY is truly the backbone to keeping me sane while being a working mom.

My mother is an amazing, loyal, and humble friend.  She has a handful of lifelong friends she still rallies around and loves and serves  faithfully.  Now as she has entered the world of  “senior living,” the Lord has blessed her with newer friendships.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see my mom with her friends, especially Miss Beth.  I also love how my dad calls their gatherings  “hen parties.” 

IMG_6128 IMG_6142



My mom ranks up pretty high on the silly list.  My children esp. get a HUGE kick out of her “happy” dance.  



I am thankful my mom married this man.  Their relationship has been the example I have been blessed to follow.  My dad can be ornery at times and I am amazed at how mom handles him.  Of course there  is a flip side to every relationship so I will save that for a post about my dad!  🙂 

A more recent discovery I have made about my mom is how she was right a lot when I was younger.   Her advice and encouragement mean more and more to me as I get deeper into the parenting trenches.  

I love you mom!  I love how you have become smarter as the years progress!  


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