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We have been on a Duck Dynasty kick lately so of course I will quote Phil .  Tonight as the husband was washing dishes (yes, I told you I was happy happy happy), he called me over to the sink.  “Look at our new friends.”  He said.  There in our yard were to wandering ducks.  Keep in mind we do not live close to water so we got a kick out of it especially considering that the Lad was watching a Duck Dynasty recording at that very moment.  I am praying and seeking little happy things as our days here in the states are dwindling.  We are so excited about another summer in Africa but know our life is very very very different there (very little normal family time) so we treasure current moments together.

#446  Saturday was a great day of productivity.  The best part about it?  I did it all alongside my man!

#447  Peace about the craziness in our lives right now.

#448  The husband and I just looked up our itinerary for our summer travels and saw  “Paris” printed on the screen.  Delight!

#449  The husband looks at me from the other side of the room and smiles.  I smile at him.  Our eyes stare at the other and I know he knows.  The love is deep.

#450  Cool air coming from BOTH AC units.

#451  Signs that summer is coming!

#452 I feel summer in my bones when observing my kids running from one house to another dipping their toes and eventually their entire bodies into the neighbors’ pools.  Sensational neighbors!

#453  Comfy new Merrell shoes.  I go for comfort!  Happy Happy Happy feet today!

#454  Evening walk with the Lad and the dogs.

#455  Chat with the neighbor’s college son.

#456  After school workout with a coworker.  HOT powerwalk but oh so good.

#457  I am finally reading again!  My summer reading list is growing longer by the day and I am totally pumped about some time to read.

#458  Flower arrangement from a parent of one of our teens who attends our weekly community group at our house.

#459  Having my own car!  I am preparing myself to be without during our  time in Africa.  I am continually grateful for the freedom to go where I want when I want.

#460  Expectations of many things new this summer in Zambia.

#461  The current peace about those many new things.

#462  Catching up on lesson plans today.  Three more weeks !

#463  Anticipation of loving on my kiddos in Zambia.  I look at our Simon’s picture daily and imagine our reunion.  His birthday is June 12 and I am tickled to be able to celebrate with him.  I need to think of the perfect gift for that sweet boy!  My Temba is on my mind too!  I love our African kiddos so much.

#464  Sitting next to the husband on our computers at the kitchen table…..even though I am procrastinating and not completing a school project like I should.

#465  Family dinners around the table.  We rarely are together during meal time in Africa.  I despise that part of it.  We are such a close family and I crave time together!



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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted May 22, 2013 at 1:18 pm | Permalink

    Truly many happy times!! Thanks so much for brightening my day. Love you all

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