Counting my gifts while visiting family in Houston…


Time with cousins!


Ease of going to Target to stock up on things needed for our time in Zambia.


Friendly cashier at Target interested in our mission work in Zambia, Africa.


I was able to enjoy time alone with Pumpkin shopping this morning.  She is growing up to be such a pleasant young woman.  Time spent with her is a treat and a blessing.  I loved watching her decipher clothing that is appropriate and clothing that is not.  She is also a bit wise about money.


Safe travels alone with the kiddos down to Houston.  The Lord is truly giving me strength.


I sent an email to the school counselor sharing that Daddy was leaving for a long time.  The Lad doesn’t handle changes well, especially those involving his Dad being absent.  They have a close bond!  The counselor obviously sent an email to his teachers informing them to keep our boy on their radar and to give him extra encouragement if needed.   The beloved History teacher, Mr. Brooks, sent the most touching reply!!!  What a blessing to have a teacher who took our son aside and encouraged him by thanking him for his family’s commitment to the Lord.  He continued to say how much he has enjoyed The Lad and has seen him grow up in so many ways.  My mommy heart was filled with thankfulness and joy.


My children are good students.  Of course one has some attention issues, one has Asperger’s Syndrome, and another one is a MAJOR social butterfly!  They are not perfect but the Lord has blessed them with sharp minds and potential to follow His calling on their lives.


National Junior Honor Society.



I love teaching at the same school that my nieces and nephews attend (my brother’s kiddos).


The teachers in my children’s lives that love and teach them daily.  I only have a pic of one of the  middle school teachers.




My beauty is so lovely.  I love to watch her with people, especially young children.





Photo bombing!  I love this squirt!!!





This little guy (our youngest cousin) is full of spunk and fun.  My children so enjoy time with him and his older brother.





Happy birthday to this SEVEN year old!  He is such a fun part of my children’s lives.  His excitement and love for my children is precious!!!




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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted May 25, 2013 at 9:46 pm | Permalink

    How wonderful to share your blessings and pictures – much, much love.

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