Daily Archives: May 26th, 2013


#507 All five grandchildren crowded around grandaddy listening to S.O.S. by Abba.  Priceless!

Gifts Found in Little People

My profession is all about LITTLE PEOPLE! #504 Honesty!  I have had children tell me all sorts of things. Typically this a very innocent and wonderful trait but there are times you have to shake your head and laugh!  Years ago while I was teaching in Maryland,  I sent my class on a scavenger hunt […]

Gifts from my Childhood

#501 A sibling #502 Time on my grandparents’ farm.  I learned so much about working hard and loving when the going gets tough.  My Mamaw and Papaw were two amazing, Godly people. #503 A second chance.  I had a severe speech impairment so several of my teachers wrote me off fairly quickly as not being […]


#489 26 minute Skype call with the husband.  Technology is my friend!!! #490 The husband slept 9 straight hours through the night.  That is a huge gift as he adjusts to the time difference. #491 Scratching my son’s back during worship service.  Every time I stopped he would reach for my hand indicating he wanted […]