26 minute Skype call with the husband.  Technology is my friend!!!


The husband slept 9 straight hours through the night.  That is a huge gift as he adjusts to the time difference.


Scratching my son’s back during worship service.  Every time I stopped he would reach for my hand indicating he wanted more.


I craved scripture this morning.  It has been a long long long time since I even seemed to care.


Putting on make-up side by side my daughter.


My son wearing blue brings out his deep blue eyes.


The husband and I instant messaged during church via Skype.  Yes, we were on topic!!!  🙂


Little Miss’ head full of LONG curls.


Sunshine and warmth


I typically do not sleep well alone but the past three nights have been full of sleep.


8 remaining school days.


500 GIFTS!!!  Half way to one thousand!


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