Gifts Found in Little People

My profession is all about LITTLE PEOPLE!


Honesty!  I have had children tell me all sorts of things. Typically this a very innocent and wonderful trait but there are times you have to shake your head and laugh!  Years ago while I was teaching in Maryland,  I sent my class on a scavenger hunt for shapes.  We were specifically searching for triangles.  One little gal displayed a huge grin on her face and exclaimed excitedly,  “I see one!  I see one!  Your nose!  Your nose is a triangle!”  Thank you.  One morning I had spent extra time fixing my hair.  I remember thinking how good it actually looked for once.  About an hour into teaching first graders, a little guy raised his hand during the math lesson and said, “Mrs, Knight, I think you forgot to fix your hair.”  What the children say is made up by their hugs and growth witnessed.  I love the little people.


Enthusiasm.  Much like honesty, this also has a bit of negative that accompanies it.  A room full of enthusiastic preschoolers can lead to massive bedlam but the giggles and joy is contagious.  It makes me smile.  I am especially excited when the students are enthusiastic about learning new things.


As a teacher, I find great joy in witnessing a “click.”  A “click” is when the light bulb comes on and a child realizes that he/she got a concept!  It is then when NOTHING can wipe away the grin on a child’s face.


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