Rainy evening


The children and I were about to settle down and watch a movie during the rain storm this evening.  Due to a power outage, we ended up playing games, cuddling on the couch and then catching fireflies out front.  I even chatted with our new neighbor.  An unexpected evening but a good one.


FINALLY had my hair trimmed and colored this afternoon.  It has been over a year and I feel so much better.  Ready to see the husband!!!


Green Green grass!  So nice to have all the spring showers!


A hug from our friend from Ghana.  We always enjoy seeing Mr. Stephen when he is in town.


When I returned from the girl’s athletics meeting early this evening, Little Miss was in the midst of preparing dinner (sandwiches, carrots, fruit, and chips).  She had everything placed on the counter, even cups!  The best part of her kind gesture?  “Mom, doing this made me feel really good.”  Happy mommy moment!!!


Instant messaging the husband via Skype several times today.






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