Monthly Archives: June 2013

Gifts from the village

Yesterday I was able to spend time out at our Children’s Village.  The children took off and roamed about freely visiting children of their choice.  I am not certain what they did or who they were with.  The village is fun and safe, and happy.  HOME.  It is HOME to 400 children.  HOME!!!  Do you […]


Thursday is coming to an end very soon here in Africa.  The day has been good and full of gifts but did not go as expected! #540 Having doctors here doing camp is always a gift for the orphans AND us Americans.  I sliced my finger AGAIN yesterday and was worried that I might need […]

Gifts all the way in Africa

The children and I arrived safe and sound in Zambia, Africa right on time on June 10.  Happy reunion with Daddy!  Many things are different this year, some challenging and some good.  The most challenging aspect of this year has been not having internet at my fingertips, hence the absence on the blog.  I have […]

#515 Singing at the top of my lungs along with my three kids plus two extra girlies.  I was having so much, I even started laughing out of happiness.  I am soooo grateful that the Lord gave me laughter and fun today. #516 Countdown has officially started!  In less than a week, we board a […]